Master of Fire

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Master of Fire

Mageverse Series

Whoo hoo Angela Knight has done it again and brought us another hot and sexy story. Logan, the son of King Arthur needs a bodyguard and Giala Shepherd is just the girl for the job. There is just one catch she must keep Logan from knowing she is there to protect him. Soon enough another problem arises. She has been ordered to keep her hands off and her pants on. This could be difficult when both people are fighting a hunger that threatens to reveal all secrets and lead to love.
Angela Knight has brought the Knights of the Round Table into the twenty-first century and readers begging for more. Her latest book Master of Fire doesn’t disappoint and earns four hearts. It is always going to be a late night when you have one of Angela Knight’s books in bed.

Book Blurb for Master of Fire

Giada Shepherd is a Maja – an immortal witch of the Mageverse.  When vampire knight King Arthur asks her to protect his mortal son from an assassin, she’s willing to do anything she must to keep Logan MacRoy alive.  But Logan is no ordinary mortal – he’s a handsome seductive cop, intent on a romance with his beautiful new partner.

Trouble is, Arthur has ordered Giada to keep her distance from Logan. But that’s a lot easier said than done....

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 4.00