Lion's Heat

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Lion's Heat

A Novel of the Breeds, #21

Primal breed Jonas Wyatt has a problem.  His assistant is also his mate and the close courters are stretching his self control to the breaking point.  To add to the situation his manipulations are about to backfire on his mate Rachel. 
Rachel is pregnant with a child that she would do anything for and striving to forget an ex-boyfriend that she never should have been with.  With a new job and a new child Rachel’s control is steady and confident until her child is taken in order to force Jonas to deliver information.   
Their relationship is strained to begin with by both sides fighting the attraction and then the repercussions for Jonas life are stacking up to force them apart.  Jonas is a breed though and has been created to fight.  Fighting for his mate and his people consume him and he is not going to fail. 
I, like many others, have waited for this book ever since we were first introduced to the irresistible Jonas Wyatt.  Well, ladies and gentlemen you will not be disappointed by this amazing tale by Lora Leigh.  She brings spicy and turns it up a few degrees so it is smokin’  hot.  The incredible Lora Leigh continues to write about the breeds while keeping the story fresh and new.  While in some series you can feel that you have read the story before but the names are different the breeds’ series is not like this.  Go, Lora Leigh go!

Book Blurb for Lion's Heat

The mating urge cannot be ignored...

Bad boy Jonas Wyatt knows it is fate that Rachel becomes his mate. He can sense it. He can also sense her reluctance. But she has little power over the mating heat of the Breeds. It is Jonas's destiny to claim her. And nothing will stop him from having his way.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 5.00