Demon's Fire

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Demon's Fire

A Tale of the Demon World, Book 2

Emma Holly has done it again! The second installment of her Demon World series is the story of Prince Pahndir. Exiled from his homeland Prince Pahndir has found a new life in the city of Bhamjran where he has put his education of the sexual arts to use. Opening his own pleasure house in the middle of this human city is where he first sets eyes on Beth and .Charles.

Beth and Charles are part of an archeological dig that is located outside of Bhamjran. Both are attracted and curious to Pahndir upon seeing one of the few demons in the area.

Is it possible that this newfound passion between all three of them can overcome the social, political, and species barriers? Can love truly conquer all regardless of the number of occupants in the bed?

Demon's Fire is another hot and spicy love story by Emma Holly. She is a true author of sensuality. Demon's Fire is defiantly a must read for any one who loves their romance with a hot and spicy bite.

Book Blurb for Demon's Fire

The thrilling new erotic paranormal romance from the USA Today bestselling author Fleeing the routine life her family wanted for her, Beth joins an archaeological dig spearheaded by her cousin Charles. For such an adventurer, the desert city of Bhamjran is perfect for making unusual discoveries-especially when it comes to forbidden appetites. Like his own unnatural desire for a Yama demon. And as he and Beth are about to learn, some Yama find humans equally irresistible...

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 4.50