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Nightwalkers Series #4

Damien is the Prince of all Vampires, and Syreena is a Princess of the Lycanthropes. History has told them that the most they can be to each other is mere acquaints, but destiny will net be denied. Fear and mistrust will not hold back the rising tide of passion and love. Can the secrets behind their love destroy both of their people or set them free?

Jacquelyn Frank has definitely written an instant classic in the fourth installment of her Nightwalker series. This book is a must have for all paranormal readers. This is not the same run-of-the-mill vampire culture that you will find in many books. This series digs deeper into a new and fascinating world of vampires, demons, and shifters. I recommend this book to anybody who is even remotely intrigued with the darker side. Jacquelyn will pull you in and leave you spellbound. 4 « on fire hearts!

Book Blurb for Damien

They are the Nightwalkers, mysterious beings who dwell in the shadows of our world, and Damien, the Vampire Prince, is among the most powerful of them all. But one woman will tempt him with a desire unlike anything he has known, and together they will face a terrifying and relentless foe.



As reigning Vampire Prince, Damien has tasted every pleasure the world has to offer-consorting with kings and queens and delighting in sensual adventure. Now, tired of such pursuits, he devotes his energies to protecting his people. The war between human necromancers and Nightwalkers has escalated, and when the enemy makes a daring move, kidnapping Syreena, a Lycanthrope Princess, Damien boldly follows. He succeeds in rescuing her, but is unprepared for the erotic longing her lush sensuality awakens in him.

Gifted with rare abilities, Syreena grew up in a cloistered setting and was forbidden to form attachments to others, yet the connection Damien feels with her is immediate, intoxicating, and impossible for either to resist. But claiming Syreena as his mate could have shattering repercussions for every Nightwalker-and leave their enemies more dangerous than ever before.

Temptation tastes sweetest at night.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 4.50