Atlantis Awakening

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Atlantis Awakening

Atlantis - (Book 3)

Alyssa Day once again enters the world of Atlantis in the highly anticipated Atlantis Awakening. In the chaotic world vampires have infiltrated all levels of society and political structure. To combat the rising forces Ven, Lord vengeance, was selected to forge an alliance with the magical community.

Erin Connors, witch and gem singer, is sent to align with the Atlantians. She doesn't expect to be distracted by her rising passion for Ven. Could their growing love hinder the war or save them all?

Atlantis Awakening is a must read! I rate this book a fantastic 4 hearts.

Book Blurb for Atlantis Awakening

To rescue the world from an overwhelming evil, Poseidon's warriors have risen from Atlantis. Chief among them is Ven, serving as the King's Vengeance by birthright and by battle challenge. None can conquer him-except perhaps for one human female.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 4.00