Irish Melody

Song of the Sea # 2

Caitlin Ricci does it again, in the second book of The Song of the Sea series. This time we are brought into Ippy's world a little more, getting a deeper look into his psyche and what makes him so unique. We get to delve deeper into his autism and see the world through his eyes and Hannah’s interpretations.

Ippy is developing his wolf side more along with other teenage hormonal issues that makes life more difficult within his pack, especially in his own home. His friendship with Caelum has reached a point that he never would have expected and he's torn about what to do. Personally, I love the twist this book takes and the way Caitlin touches on bisexualness and how it’s viewed and accepted by different types of people. Through Ippy's journey we feel and see his emotions as they play out with each new experience and incident that occurs.

The scenery in this book takes us back into Ireland along the sea shore where Caelum is living with his family. Once again the detailed description makes us fall in love with its beauty all over again. The forest area where the wolves live is enticing and makes you want to run alongside with them.

This is not a standalone book, it is the second of a three part continuing series. I strongly encourage you to read all three.

If you are a fan of shifters, teens, and hairy situations this will appeal to you. Having a heroine as strong, faithful, and determined as Hannah makes it even more appealing to our inner teenager.

Book Blurb for Irish Melody

Two years after Hannah and Ippy rescued Caelum, Ippy has heard his best friend become close to the selkie. He’s glad for their connection, but wants to get to know Caelum as well. This is harder for Ippy since Caelum is in Ireland, but not impossible because this selkie has a secret—he’s able to walk into the dreams of others. Using that ability, Caelum visits Ippy often, and they soon have a connection unlike anything Ippy expected. For the past few years Hannah has been saying that someday they’d all live together, and now it seems like it might actually be a reality for them. But when his dad finds out that he cares for Caelum, Ippy’s world is torn apart. After an attack that not only leaves him broken, he’s left homeless as well.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2014 4.00