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The Starbuck Chronicles, #1

Zoe Dawson introduces us to another land of paranormal beings to fall in lust with. From the temperamental werewolves to the sexy Fairy Dust Administration (FDA) this story is chock full of characters that leap off of the pages through there very accurate descriptions. I love that she even goes into detail on the clothes they wear…down to the laces on their boots.

Lily Starbuck is our heroine and she's got more than she can handle on her plate, it all began with The Break. The Break, a time thirty years ago when someone opened a portal and broke reality, changing the world as humans knew it. Now every kind of otherworlder exists. This is Lily’s world. When it is shaken up and changed forever, she is determined to find out what happened. Even if it kills her.

From her memory loss, an aspiring catering business, and the loss of her closest friend she has more questions than answers, and her juggling act is teetering on the edge of dropping.

This story is set in Minneapolis / St. Paul, and you can feel the electricity in the atmosphere from the other paranormals in the area. You have mages, shapeshifters, vampires, and demons, which just adds to the intensity of the story. This is the first book in the series and is not a standalone. You will want to keep reading and find out more about what happens to Lilly and the other characters. So in the sense it’s not a standalone…you will want more right from the beginning.

Book Blurb for AfterLife

Series Overview

The fine thread between reality and the fantastical has snapped. The mortal and supernatural must learn to co-exist in post-reality Minneapolis/St. Paul where video games leak monsters into the night, demons roam, thirsting for more than just blood, people are not who or what they seem and a diabolical evil plots and plans to devour the world.


In this world gone mad......Lily’s biggest challenge is to survive.

Lily Starbuck, kick-ass witch caterer, knows that a day that starts with blood on the horizon is a terrible omen. The day goes downhill from there when a grumpy werewolf refuses to pay his catering bill, her partner cleaned out their bank accounts, and Lily finds her murdered in their kitchen. To make matters worse, the Fairy Dust Administration (FDA) is sniffing around. Fae dust hounds hot on her partner’s trail for dealing in illegal dust now turn their attention to her. Their sexy Fae leader takes a particular interest in her and is hard to shake.

Heartbroken, flat broke and with her very livelihood in jeopardy, she discovers that the formidable Otherworlder Security (O.S.) is being tampered with. With no active investigation and a missing body, she has no choice but to discover who killed her partner. Her only backup is a cantankerous gnome who delights in going invisible on her. Clues lead her to an open case being investigated by a tough O.S. warden shapeshifter. It seems a rogue mage has created a video game that is unwarded and game monsters are being released to terrorize the human and supernatural citizens of Minneapolis/St. Paul. Trouble is Lily has reason to believe that this mage killed her partner. Looks like Lily will have to make a deal with a vamp devil and battle wits with the Twin Cities most powerful leader all in the name of justice.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 4.50