Surrender to Me

As a fan of Shayla Black's books, I was eager to read her newest SURRENDER TO ME. I wasn't disappointed. Full of steam, erotic love, and nonstop page turning action, this was one of those books you read in one sitting!

Kata doesn't really know what to expect when she agrees to a m‚nage with a friend and a stranger. She's a little hesitant, but a lot more excited about the slightly forbidden experience. Meeting Hunter throws her off, in more ways than one. And Hunter is soon announcing that he doesn't want just a one night stand. He wants more from Kata --- an exclusive one-on-one affair. When the past threatens their new, tentative relationship, Hunter steps in determined to protect the woman he has come to want more than anyone. If Kata rejects Hunter's terms, she may lose her life. But if she agrees, she may lose the most important thing ---her heart and soul to the man.

Hunter, a former Navy Seal hero, is one of those guys you just can't help but fall in lust with. Strong, determined, brave, and willing to sacrifice his own happiness for the one he loves. WOW.

As for Kata, readers will find themselves identifying with her in a lot of ways. She's intelligent, brave, secure --yet a bit vulnerable, and matches Hunter in her efforts to protect those she loves.

For readers loving erotic scenes, and practically nonstop sex, this is a great read. For those liking a little less in their romances, you should be warned this is a very HOT book and proceed with caution!

Book Blurb for Surrender to Me

A ménage a trois becomes a dangerous obsession.

A Navy SEAL accepts a hot proposition: share a buddy's girlfriend and fulfill her dream of a ménage. But after meeting Kata he needs more than one night. And he wants her all to himself-a guilty secret that becomes a dangerous fantasy.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 4.75