Legends of the Raven, #4

The farewell book (RAVENSOUL), number four in the Series of the "Legends of the Raven" is an unusual culmination for a story that should have ended in the last book (Demonstorm). The Raven band of mercenaries all died in "Demonstorm", with the exception of Sol (The Unknown Warrior) and Denser. Sol spent the next ten years mourning their deaths and adjusting to being a reluctant King of Balaia, and Denser spent his time becoming a different character altogether. Reader fans are mixed with their personal reviews on this Final Closure, and I agree with the side that say the Series really should have ended with Demonstorm.

Now an Evil, in the form of the Garonin, sweeps over the lands and the dead start rising. As do the previous dead Raven.

Raven spirits inhabit new bodies in order to fight the Evil, and as always Mr. Barclay's character portrayals are very well done and readers feel they are revisiting old friends. Although, there are too many back references to characters and incidents in previous books and this might confuse alot of readers who aren't current with the plots. Dialogue is Mr. Barclay's best talent and is what keeps this book going. Filled also with well-choreographed battle scenes, this keeps a fast pace right up until the "bit of confusing" ending.

Barclay fans will either love or hate this book, there will be no middle ground.

Book Blurb for Ravensoul

What would you do if a stranger came to your door claiming to be your best friend. A best friend who you saw die ten years before? The Unknown Warrior has spent the last ten years mourning the dead of the legendary mecernary band The Raven. Reluctant ruler of Balaia he has also resided over the gradual recovery of the land after the devastation of the Demonstorm. The one other surviving member of The Raven, Denser has spent the years rebuilding Xetesk to be the dominant college of magic. But something is very wrong. There are rumours of the dead coming back to life. And the Elves are fleeing their homeland. Something unutterably awful is happening. Something that has spread across all the dimensions. Something that threatens the very essence of the world, that has terrified the spirits of the dead. Brought them back to Balaia. And amongst them The Raven. Desperate, facing a fight that cannot be won.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 3.25