Rapture Untamed

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Rapture Untamed

Book 4 in the Feral Warriors series

RAPTURE UNTAMED is the fourth book in the "Feral Warriors" Series by Pamela Palmer and I have to say it's the BEST so far! But, of course, I'm sure that I might be saying that about the next one too ---this Series is fantastic! Ms. Palmer immediately pulls a reader into her fascinating world of Feral Warriors, shapeshifters who fight Daemons in order to keep the human world safe. Each Warrior is unique and each has a history that makes him what he is today.

Jag is a Jaguar Shapeshifter, and the most combative and tormented Warrior of them all. His past haunts him to the point that it controls his every emotion, action, and word. Sarcastic to the point of being beyond-rude, foul-mouthed, and surly most of the time, Jag isn't the most popular of the group. The only sure thing is his loyalty to the other Ferals and  his relentless desire to fight and destroy all Evil.

When Olivia, a Therian Warrior is asked to join the Ferals in a particularly dangerous battle against the enemy, Jag immediately sets his sites on her as his "temporary love prey". He's not wanting anything permanent, just a fling with the stubborn, strong-willed woman. Little does he know that Olivia's deep, dark secret will make her more than just determined to keep Jag at arm's length. When Jag finally discovers the secret he's left with a "life-and-death decision": expose her and be the cause of her death at the hands of his fellow Ferals, OR keep her secret and hope she doesnt end up killing them all.

Filled with incredible, erotic passion, fast paced action, danger and death, unforgettable characters, and a hero and heroine that are the perfect match for each other, this is one of those DON'T MISS books. It's best to read the Series in order, but they can stand alone. This Reviewer is eagerly looking forward to the next book in the Series!

Book Blurb for Rapture Untamed

Jag finally meets his match in Olivia, a tough, attractive little Therian Guard. Olivia is drawn to the surly and powerful warrior against her will, for Jag is the last male on Earth she could ever trust with her dark secrets. Or her heart.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 5.00