Night Magic

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Night Magic

A Wing Slayer Novel, #3

As a reader fan of Ms. Lyon's "Wing Slayer Hunters" Series, I was eager to read the next one. NIGHT MAGIC (Book #3) did not disapoint! Her heroes are to "sigh for" and all her heroines are spunky take-charge women. Ms. Lyon can bring to life the paranormal world she builds, and the plots are all unique in themselves.

Allish Donovan is an earth witch with a serious problem. At 16 she was bound to the demon Asmodeus. In rejecting the bond, she spent the rest of her years as a recluse, shunned by her witch society. Now, Allish is in a race against time. If she doesnt find a way to break the handfast with Asmodeus by her 24th birthday, she will be eternally his, bound without hope of ever being free.

Enter sexy hunk, Wing Slayer Hunter Phoenix Torq who is sworn in service to protect the earth witches. He doesnt want or need the undeniable attraction for Allish, and she isn't happy about it either. But, still the sexual sparks fly between them, bringing them closer, physically and mentally, each moment as they fight together to end Asmodeus's claim on Allish. Asmodeus isn't going to give up easy and tries sabotaging thier attempts. Danger stalks them at every turn.

With some great, ferocious fight scenes, constant heat-the-pages-chemistry, love scenes that scorch your fingers while holding the book, and a plot that keeps you turning the pages, NIGHT MAGIC is a definite "keeper". A must read for fans of Ms. Lyon AND fans of the Paranormal Romance genre.

Book Blurb for Night Magic

Ailish Donovan is a witch whose pure heart and good intentions cannot change the fact that she is bound to a demon. If she doesn't break the binding completely by her 24th birthday, she will die. Ailish has always fought her battles alone, but a dangerous slayer who craves a taste of Ailish's blood may become her most unlikely savior.

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Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 5.00