Legends of the Raven 1

LOTR fans take note! James Barclay's newest addition to his fantasy, SciFi novels has all you could possibly want in a tantalizing epic adventure.

Elves, lots of elves! But don't be fooled. These aren’t your normal, gallant elves fighting for the good of mankind. Some of them are downright evil and mean!

From the first page until the "a little bit shocking" end, this is a nonstop action story that is packed full of characters, technical magic, battles, life and death situations, tragedy, and even a touch of romance.

Starting approximately six months after his book "Nightchild", "Elfsorrow, Legends of the Raven, Book One" takes up where the story left off. Though you don't have to read the previous novels in another series, it would be a good idea because several characters show up in this one.

War is rampant over the land. Balaia is in total chaos. The Raven mercenaries have to travel to Calaius in order to bring back the powerful elven mages, in hopes of turning the battle and saving the four colleges of magic. As it turns out, the most powerful of the colleges, Xetesk, is determined to win and will stop at nothing to obtain their goal. Evil hides behind ambitions, and treachery is around every corner.

Mr. Barclay's characterization is above the norm, with countless different peoples and races, heroes and bad guys that will all remain in the reader's mind for a long time after. And his creative, technical magic is part fantasy, part Sci-Fi mix, bringing his world-rules to vivid life.

If you're looking for a unique, hard action, deeply plotted Sci-Fi/Fantasy epic then you owe it to yourself to read the first in this new series. You will cheer right along with the Raven heroes, find yourself caught up in the battles, and not want to put the book down until you're finished!

Be sure to read the next in the Raven Series, titled "ShadowHeart".

Book Blurb for Elfsorrow

If you elect to review this book please select book two also: That's Shadowheart

The Raven travel to a new continent in search of mages to help the ruined college of Julatsa rebuild . . . and find themselves in the midst of an ancient curse - a curse that has unleashed a plague that threatens to wipe out the elven race.


Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.00