To Tempt A Tiger

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To Tempt A Tiger

Tiger Shifters, #5

Our heroine Rose is pretty tough and distrusting but she has to be, the father of her child taught her that early on. He left her when she found she was pregnant with his daughter and four years later comes back into her life. Rose is naturally suspicious but if he can help their daughter then she's all for it.

Vlad left Rose thinking she cheated on him, to his knowledge there cannot be any children between humans and shifters. When he finds out that's false he comes back to not only fight for his family but protect them from his brothers.

I enjoyed reading this book. It was entertaining and Vlad's family and situation with his brothers was very interesting. Rose is awesome and will protect her little angel with everything in her even if it means she has to suffer/deal with Vlad hanging around.

Book Blurb for To Tempt A Tiger

Can he win her heart in time to save her life...?

When adrenaline junkie and adventurer Rose Callaghan meets the man of her dreams and learns she’s carrying his child, she assumes she’ll be living her happily-ever-after. Until he accuses her of cheating on him and leaves. Four years later, she’s managing as a single parent, but her daughter is experiencing episodes of extreme pain and no one can tell her why or how to stop them. Rose swears she’ll do anything to help her daughter. She just doesn’t expect that “anything” to include facing her ex again. When he shows up out of nowhere offering answers, she takes him in. But his answers are the stuff of myth and make Rose start to doubt everything she’s ever known.

The first born son of a fanatical tiger shifter, Vlad Dubrovsky is prepared to abandon his family and his people to be with the human woman he loves. But when he finds out Rose is pregnant—something that’s impossible between a human and a tiger shifter—he returns to the tiger community heartbroken, convinced she’s betrayed him. Four years later, Vlad still wants Rose, and learning it is possible for them to have had a child together forces him to rethink everything he’s ever believed. But the only way to ensure Rose and her daughter are safe is to bring them into the tiger shifters’ world. A world full of powerful, deadly enemies who are just as fanatical as Vlad’s family, and just as intent on killing tiger-human hybrids. To protect the two people he loves most in the world, Vlad must convince Rose to trust him again...knowing his most difficult fight might just be for her heart.

NOTE: This book can be read as a stand alone, but it does have some spoilers for Here There Be Tigers (Tiger Shifters 3). If you don’t like spoilers, please read book 3 first. If you don’t mind spoilers, please enjoy To Tempt a Tiger now.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2015 4.00