Streetwise Mercy

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Streetwise Mercy

Being homeless is never fun and I felt so bad for Mercy. She sticks to her guns and has a hard time trusting people. I think her getting a scholarship was a big accomplishment. I know how hard they are to get because I have watched my sister fill out applications for years and only get one that was about $1,000.

Deacon was an interesting person who got his life and world turned around when it came to Mercy. I recommend this book. It was very fun to read and the concepts that were dealt with are not what people talk about today.

Book Blurb for Streetwise Mercy

Sometimes you can’t press REWIND. Is FAST FORWARD an option?

Mercy Reynolds has a problem. She has a $30,000 scholarship but has to dumpster-dive for dinner.

And she’s exasperated. She has no trust for men. None. Zip. Nada. The last guy she wants helping her is Deacon. And he just had to be hot, didn’t he?

Deacon Morgan has preconceptions about homeless people. But Mercy Reynolds doesn’t fit them. She doesn’t fit the mold of any girl he’s ever known. What happens when the girl you want to help doesn’t want you to?

Too bad they both have pasts they’d rather keep buried deep and feelings they’d rather bury even deeper. Too bad they can’t change those pasts.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2014 4.00