Mercer: The Montana McKennas

The Montana Ranchers, #5

Mercer is a sensitive woman and the peacekeeper in the family who cares about the people around her. One thing she said stayed with me, she hurt because her mother hurt and it was true. Mercer feels for those and her mother is a big part of her life. Her father's death has rocked the whole family and even though her mother is toughing it out, Mercer knows she's struggling. Add a wedding to that and things get crazy.

Drake is a bull rider and got banged up in his last ride, once more with a bull and it could be over. He has bills to pay and is very stubborn though so he'll do what he has to.

This is a nice little story and Livy is adorable.

Book Blurb for Mercer: The Montana McKennas

When does love mean more than family?

Mercer, the youngest child of James McKenna, faces life on the ranch without the support of her father after his tragic death. Things are changing. Her brothers and sister are moving on with their lives. Can a new love give Mercer comfort in her grief, or does she need to dig deeper when she learns some problems are too big for her to solve?

Professional bull rider Drake Hawkins is more than a two-bit, washed-up cowboy, but he has to prove it to himself and the woman he loves. If he doesn’t cowboy up, he threatens to wreck his chance for redemption. Will the secret he hides also ruin his chance for true love?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 3.00