Her Tiger To Take

Tiger Shifters, #4

Nikolai ran from Tatiana six years ago. She’s tracked him down to a diner because he's been ignoring her letters and e-mails. They ran into each four months ago at the elder's compound. She wants him but he's being very difficult.

This book had some interesting stuff including that most tigers hate eggs. Nick doesn't have that problem but Tiana is one of that does. Her estrous cycle is coming in two weeks and that's the time she's given herself to convince him to run in her Mate Run. He's the only one who stirs her blood and makes her body sing and if she has any say in it, they will be mated and have kids.

In this book you get a preview of the next book, Tiger Shifters. That was really great. I read Her Tiger to Take in a day and loved it. Tiana is a great woman and doesn't take crap from anybody. The small town that Nick lives in has adopted her as one of their own and they have dealt with a lot of obstacles. In this book you get an alpha werewolf who thinks he's the bomb, Tiana being kidnapped, the other tigers going after Nick, and a special surprise at the end.

Book Blurb for Her Tiger To Take

Resisting her is impossible.

After a lifetime of fighting his own kind, Nikolai Chernikov has been in self-imposed isolation for years. The taint of his father’s crimes hangs over him, and of all the infamous Chernikov brothers, Nick is most like their father. The fear that madness is only one bad decision away has kept Nick from seeking a mate for more than ten years. Then she comes into his life—the sexiest, most stunning tiger shifter Nick has ever known. Tatiana is everything he wants. And everything he can’t have.

He’s the only man she’ll accept.

Tatiana Loban-Gupta has tried to find a mate for more than three years. She was starting to lose hope when she caught Nick’s scent and her entire body lit up with need and longing. She’ll defy the rules of their people to answer the combustible chemistry between them, even though getting caught could ruin everything. But Nick’s family history is a wall between them she’s not sure she can breach. A fight with a werewolf pack and facing off against the other tiger males seems easy compared to fighting Nick’s demons. Convincing him to return to the Mate Run will be the hardest thing she’s ever had to do, but for Tatiana, failure is not an option.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 4.50