Dead Ice

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Dead Ice

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #24

I love the fight scenes but like more and more books from the Anita Blake series there is more sex, so be prepared for that. I'm not one for bestiality and this is the second book that Laurell has written about it, I had hoped the first time I came across it, it would be the last but apparently that's not the case. This might be the last book I read on the series.

The plot was great, Anita has made more lifelike zombies in the last couple books but to come across someone else who can put the actual soul into the zombie is rare and scary. When Anita gets invited into the case by the FBI it takes a hold of her and she won't stop until it's finished. Meanwhile she's having issues with Sin and the other guys from Las Vegas and has an epiphany as to why that is with the help of Micah and Jean-Claude. Let's not forget that Anita wouldn't be who she was if she didn't have problems or something going on with Asher, this time though it might get them all killed. Asher is a big pain in the ass and Anita has stuck with him longer than I would have.

Zombies, kicking butt, new power and a couple other surprises have made this book an interesting read. Anita's world is always interesting and crazy. In all it was a good read and a nice adventure.

Book Blurb for Dead Ice

Anita Blake has the highest kill count of any vampire executioner in the country. She’s a U.S. Marshal who can raise zombies with the best of them. But ever since she and master vampire Jean-Claude went public with their engagement, all she is to anyone and everyone is Jean-Claude’s fiancée.

It’s wreaking havoc with her reputation as a hard ass?to some extent. Luckily, in professional circles, she’s still the go-to expert for zombie issues. And right now, the FBI is having one hell of a zombie issue.

Someone is producing zombie porn. Anita has seen her share of freaky undead fetishes, so this shouldn’t bother her. But the women being victimized aren’t just mindless, rotting corpses. Their souls are trapped behind their eyes, signaling voodoo of the blackest kind.

It’s the sort of case that can leave a mark on a person. And Anita’s own soul may not survive unscathed . . .

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 4.00