Lanie can only fantasize about a sex life like the one in the books that she reviews for a living. And living next door to sexy as sin Cody, who pursues a wild sexual life only adds fuel to her imagination until she finally takes him up on an invitation to one of his parties.

She wants Cody more than anything, but first she has to see if she can handle his lifestyle. And boy is it a doozy. There’s sex, more sex, and even more sex. With Cody by her side the whole time, she explores his world as the scenes unfold around her. Some she participates in and some she does not, but she finds them all fascinating.

I am amazed how much Ms. Holt managed to pack into this short story. The spice is plentiful and it’s fun watching the heroine discover the extent of her sexuality through a variety of different scenarios. Swingtime is well written and recommended for fans of Ms. Holt and those who like to read about sex on the wild side.

Book Blurb for Swingtime

Ménage à Trois/ Multiple Partners
Lanie Burrell had heard about group sex, but how would she handle being thrust into the middle of a hot Saturday night party? 
Lanie Burrell was shocked to discover the reason Cody Hawkins was the only other neighbour on their private little cul de sac. He needed the privacy for the swinging parties he hosted featuring the kind of uninhibited group sex she read about in the erotic books she reviewed. At the moment they were the most exciting part of her sex life. 
Then Cody invited her to one of his parties, and she found a wildness within herself she hadn't known existed. And an attraction between herself and Cody that exploded like a big bomb on a short fuse. 
Reader Advisory: This story was released as part of the Caught in the Middle Anthology by Total-E-Bound.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.00