Do Him Right


I love reading cowboy stories and Falling Fast delivers the perfect backdrop for a hot and sexy romance. Besides the hero and heroine there were quite a few characters introduced that spark your interest and make you wonder if Ms. Deland will be writing more about them.

As for Shana and Kade, the title suits them perfectly. Their attraction is instantaneous and undeniable. However there were a couple of issues I had with the characters. I found the frequency of some of the heroine’s internal dialog a bit distracting at first. And the hero, without putting any spoilers in the review, had an issues that got brought up quite a bit but was never fully explained so the reader understood.

Overall this is a fun story to read and if you’re like me and drawn to cowboys, then be sure to snatch this one up.

Book Blurb for Do Him Right

Shana ruined rodeo champion Chet Stapleton years ago with hastily written words. Now a PR pro, she’s engineered a plan to make amends. She’ll successfully promote his rodeo, soothe her conscience and leave. Trouble is, she can’t keep her hands off the smooth talker or call a halt to their smokin’-hot sex.

Chet takes one glance at Shana and develops an itch to put his boots under her bed…permanently. He’s won awards for taming willful fillies so he can’t understand why he can’t break Shanna’s stubborn refusal to open up to him.

The closer Shana gets to Chet, the more she wants to stay, in his life and in his bed. But to do that she’ll have to tell him everything—and risk being rejected. One thing is certain, if Shana doesn’t put the past to rest, she’ll never be able to grab the future—or the cowboy she wants most.

A Romantica® Western erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously published as Falling Fast. It has been revised for EC.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 3.75