Pet Peeve

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Pet Peeve

Renaud Brunet was a gorgeous, sexy beast who was used to women falling all over him. Too bad for them he was less than interested! The only female who'd ever caught his attention had seen him at his worst; now, she was hurt and in danger, and not sure she wanted to trust any male.much less him.

Cili Kozma had fallen for Renaud when she was just a young teenager, dancing in the same ballet company as Renaud and his sister Lorelei. She had run away from him then-could she trust him with her safety, and her heart, now?

This short novella hit all the right notes for me. It was steaming hot, suspenseful, and tender-it covered a broad range of emotions, and did it well. Cili is young, and very innocent, but she's been through a lot in her short life, and she knows trouble when it's staring her in the face (or sniffing her hair!). Renaud Brunet is an uber-alpha wolf in sheriff's clothing, but all the gentle, protective emotions he never felt before are fired up by Cili. Now he just has to convince her he's her faithful (and fated) companion, and not a hound dog. To complicate matters, there's a coked-up creep after Cili and a female werewolf obsessing over Renaud. Some days, it's enough to make a guy howl in frustration!

Other than a few typos that the publishing house should have caught, my only real complaint with this story is that it's too short. I really wanted more of all these characters! The good news is that there's ample opportunity for more stories from this crew. Pet Peeve is J.J. Massa's sequel to Weak Spot, but can stand alone. If you enjoy hunky Cajuns, scorching romance, and a touch of paranormal, don't miss this great tail--umm, tale-from the talented Ms. Massa!

Book Blurb for Pet Peeve

For five years Renaud Brunet has worked for his uncle as a deputy in Xavier Parish, far away from the ballet world of New York, London, Moscow, Australia-all of it. He's also avoided feminine entanglements, in spite of a very lusty female werewolf on his tail. All his good intentions go out the window, though, when he comes home to find a woman he can't run from waiting on his porch. Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to have any trouble avoiding him.

Rating: Carnal. Previously published.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 4.00