Lion Tamers

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Lion Tamers

Traveling Circus, Book 2

Morgan Blade lives for racing—and for her family. With her dad battling cancer and hospital bills piling up, her driving ability has never been more crucial, and the chance to be on a racing reality show seems like it could be just the ticket to keep them all financially solvent. Even if it puts her private life in a glaring spotlight wielded by a Tyler Dalton, who has gotten too close for her heart’s comfort. Tyler is tops in his field as a producer of reality series, but in the aftermath of a disastrous marriage, he’s fed up with all the dirt-digging and hype. He wants to finish his contractual obligations, and focus on his daughter’s needs. But this new racing series promises to be down and dirty, and he has to weigh his growing attraction for a certain driver against the demands from executives to turn up the heat. Lion Tamers is the first book in Sutton Fox’s new series, The Traveling Circus, which takes place in and around the world of sprint car racing. Given the setting for this book, I have a guilty secret to reveal—I’ve never had any interest in auto racing.…zilch. The idea of sitting in the bleachers, surrounded by billowing dust, deafened by decibels of noise twice that of any head-banger’s concert, while watching a bunch of people driving around and around in circles has never appealed to me (which may make me a bad Southern girl!). So why did I pick up this book? I’m still not sure, but I’m glad I did. Sutton Fox has created a story that shines with honest emotions, intelligent, complex characters, and dramatic but believable circumstances. This story could translate into various settings, but Ms. Fox chose to play it out in surroundings she obviously loves and knows well—the world of sprint cars and dirt tracks. Her knowledge consistently informs the action, and enriches the action; with a true storyteller’s skill, she shares information by integrating it seamlessly into the flow of the story. Her characters are well-defined, and likeable; Morgan is sassy, loving, sometimes hot-tempered, and driven (pardon the pun) to succeed. Tyler is outwardly a little cynical, but totally devoted to his little girl—besotted, just the way I like them! The secondary characters are nicely defined, and will provide great material for the series. Will I be heading out to the local track this weekend—or any other? I seriously doubt it. But I will be racing down (or clicking my mouse) to pick up Sutton Fox’s books as soon as they’re available. If they’re all as good as this one, she’ll be in the winner’s circle with every one of them.

Book Blurb for Lion Tamers

Both of them are driven. Only one can win.
Sprint car driver Morgan Blade will do almost anything to save the life of her critically ill father. Against her better judgment, she would even go as far as becoming a contestant in a reality series. The only thing she won’t do is reveal the haunting secret surrounding her daughter’s death.
Tyler Dalton makes a living exposing people’s secrets. As the producer for a new racing reality show, he intends to cash in by exposing the sole female contestant who has captured the hearts of the viewers. When he begins to unveil what lies beneath Morgan’s fiery facade, his duty to his job wars with his desire for the woman who has become more than just another contestant.  
When two raging souls collide, will the secrets of love heal, or be their ultimate demise?
Print Publication Date: February 2,  2009
Digital Publication Date: August 4, 2008

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 4.25