Where Billy Died

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Where Billy Died

Jack is just trying to keep his wife, a bail bondwoman, happy and do his job by nabbing a bail jumper. Using logic, he follows Billy, the bail jumper to Texas. But a bigger plot is afoot, and there are a few people who'd like Jack out of the picture. Unwittingly, Jack pumps the wrong man for information. This man is also the town expert on Billy the Kid.

As Jake learns some of the lore surrounding Billy the Kid, it turns out life is imitating fiction, and Jake is faced with a dilemma he could have never imagined.

Where Billy Died is an impressive, fun short story full of twists. The characters come to life in this well-written shorty.

Book Blurb for Where Billy Died

When Jack, a Philadelphia bounty hunter, goes to Texas to bring back a young bail jumper named Billy, he has no idea he's being trailed by the chief enforcer for a major mobster. Is it because Jack roughed up the mobster's brother, or is it because of what Billy did before he skipped town? In trying to stay alive and do his job, Jack also has no idea he'll get tangled up in a legend of the Old West that turns everything he knows on its ear.

A new novella of humor and crime from the author of THE THANKSGIVING COOKOFF WAR.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.50