Visiting Paradise

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Visiting Paradise

When Beth Brown wins a week-long trip on the company yacht, she's elated. That is until she realizes the only other person on board is her boss, Joe Bastion. Even though she lusts after him, she's decided he's off limits. Having had an affair with her previous boss only to learn he was married, has made Beth leery. And she has a big reminder, her daughter, Gemma, came from their failed union. Gemma's father refuses to acknowledge his daughter.

Because Beth and Joe have sizzling chemistry, she's been avoiding him. But Joe isn't about to let her go, and he works to break down her barriers.

While Joe doesn't know she's a single parent, Beth is unaware Joe wants to marry her.

The yacht trip works it's wonders and the two of them enjoy plenty of great sex. Can Joe accept her child, and is Beth ready to settle down?

For my tastes, Visiting Paradise was too contrived. Beth's masturbating with her door ajar while moaning Joe's name seemed quite, uh, forward for someone who'd vowed not to become involved.

Also, he'd already decided to propose marriage before they'd even had a proper date. He didn't even know her well enough to know she had a child, how could he conclude they ought to get married.

Anyway, it's a jaunt on a yacht with lots of sex and some beautiful scenery, and if that's what you want, it might be the story for you.

Book Blurb for Visiting Paradise

Beth Brown needs a holiday. She’s burnt out, single, and madly in love with the man who pays her salary, Joe Bastion. Much as she’d like to act on her feelings, Beth’s learned the hard way not to sleep with men she works for. Far as she’s concerned, Joe is off limits.

Sometimes, to get what you want, you have to chase hard. And Joe wants Beth. He’s organized a trip of a lifetime for her. Beth’s about to set sail into paradise, and she has no idea that Joe’s the one who’ll be taking her there. 

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 3.50