Trail of the Tudor Blue

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Trail of the Tudor Blue

Ardis Bellamy is an art historian and restorer who is on the trail of the Tudor Blue, a centuries-old necklace with a legend attached. The journey takes us through Monaco, Marseilles, Nice, and Sardinia. Ardis travels on foot, in a Ferrari, and on boat; from back alleys to high stakes hotel casinos.

Meanwhile she is being helped or maybe hurt by James Tate, the sleazy hero who is part loan shark, part hunk.

Trail of The Tudor Blue is a fast-paced, interesting story full of plot twists. Unfortunately, we are flung from one unlikely scenario to another, feeling little connection between the events.

My biggest complaint about Trail of The Tudor Blue was the heavy-handed narrative and the tell-don't-show style. We spend the entire book nested in Ardis' head. While her thoughts can be amusing, it would have been nice to get out and see the sights.

Book Blurb for Trail of the Tudor Blue

For straight-and-narrow art restorer Ardis Bellamy, a trip to the South of France to reclaim a historic blue diamond necklace should have been only mildly nervewracking. Understatement. In order to succeed, she's going to have to learn whom she can and can't trust, give the thugs who are chasing her the slip, and decide whether her growing relationship with sexy "recovery agent" James Tate is worth risking everything for -- or whether he's been double-crossing her all along. 

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 3.50