The Legend of Jig Dragonslayer

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The Legend of Jig Dragonslayer

The Legend of Jig Dragonslayer is the mammoth compilation of Jim C. Hines' three fantasy novels Goblin Quest, Goblin Hero, and Goblin War. Goblin Quest and Goblin Hero can stand alone, although I'd recommend reading them before reading Goblin War.

Mr. Hines' voice is witty as he brings life to lessor creatures on the food chain, mainly the lowly, weak, and near-sighted goblin, Jig. Jig is the unlikely hero in all three books, but is lovable because he's a coward with a big heart who wants nothing more than to lead a quiet life. Jig's character is fun because the author constantly pits his cowardice against doing the decent thing. Plus, while not conceited in the least, he outwits the bad guys and is plenty surprised when it works.

Mr. Hines artfully builds his underground worlds weaving in magic, forgotten Gods, and a host of interesting creatures along with their array of peculiar traits. If you're a fantasy fan, you'll love this trilogy. If you're a fiction fan who'll read anything, you may tire of the oft-gross passages as these creatures go about their daily lives in an inhospitable world.

Overall, there is a good story arc, and Jig is a hero I enjoyed rooting for. I believe the books are suitable as YA fiction. My favorite book was Goblin Quest.

In, Goblin Quest, Jig survives is the only surviving goblin in his group after a fight with a dwarf, two humans, and an elf. One of the humans is on a quest that is sure to end in death. Jig has two options: lead the band to their final destiny and die (even though he doesn't know the way), or be killed. He opts for the first.

Faking it, Jig embarks on the path that leads to incredible experiences. The most shocking is his becoming a hero.

Goblin Hero is next. Stories of Jig's amazing feats have spread. When an ogre visits the goblins' lair and demands Jig's help, Jig decides to go (staying would mean certain death since the leadership of the goblins has recently changed hands and the new leader doesn't want to compete with Jig for the other goblins' respect.)

Along for the ride is Veka, a hero wannabe. She has her handy how-to book becoming a hero and is determined to outshine Jig. Together they battle a band of pixies.

The last book is Goblin War. In this book, humans searching for the Rod of Creation invade the goblins' lair. The humans think of goblins as little more than rodents to be exterminated.

In this book Jig is spurned into action by his forgotten god. As the story unfolds and war ensues, we learn just why his god had been abandoned in the first place.

Book Blurb for The Legend of Jig Dragonslayer

If you think being a big, strong, brave fantasy hero is hard... just try being Jig the Goblin.

Here, together for the first time, are the uproarious, unforgettable adventures of Jig the Goblin—the most unlikely hero you will ever meet. In this collected omnibus of Goblin Quest, Goblin Hero, and Goblin War, readers will follow the epic (if mostly accidental) exploits of Jig: a puny, clumsy, bespectacled runt of a goblin whose intelligence, wit, and unbelievable luck allow him to survive when fate thrusts him into a world much larger—and far more dangerous—than any he ever imagined...

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 4.50