The Guy's a Loser Detective Agency

Jules De la Cruz, ex-CIA, has settled into her private investigative business helping women get even with their lying, cheating spouses. Then she gets a blast from the past and is called into action by her old boss. A stash of US weapons has been stolen from a monastery in Europe. The US is looking to save face while recovering the weapons.

She is reluctant to help, but her conscience will not allow her to refuse. Unfortunately, being on the job means she'll have to deal with her ex-husband, a career spy who lies for the fun of it. Soon she learns there's more to the story than the stolen weapons. There is something else, something bigger that has been taken, she just can't figure out what and why.

While poking around she meets reporter Thomas Palomar. Their attraction is strong, but Jules doesn't trust him (or any man after her marriage). The pair embark on an almost romance while sleuthing. Jules loathes the CIA's culture of deceit, but she's embroiled and is forced to play the game.

As Jules and Thomas get closer to the truth, the bad guys get nervous and the pair land in grave danger.

The Guys a Loser Detective Agency starts off like a Janet-Evanovich novel and ends like a Dan Brown novel. The fluff gets heavy fast as a vast conspiracy unfolds. I don't think the title or the cover fit the storyline, but I'm glad I picked it up.

Plenty of action, intrigue, and the developing romance kept the plot moving forward. I'm a sucker for character growth and romance and felt the relationship between Jules and Thomas was genuine. Plus, the whole Project Chiaroscuro mystery had me turning the pages.

Well done!

Book Blurb for The Guy's a Loser Detective Agency

Jules De la Cruz loves her job chasing dead beat dads and photographing philandering husbands for her own one-woman firm, The-Guy’s-a-Loser Detective Agency. She gets to dress up, play spy, and bask in the sunsets of Santa Fe, New Mexico. This enjoyable lifestyle is shattered when some men in black volunteer her to catch the biggest loser of all: her ex-husband.

Soon, Jules is on a roller coaster ride through London, Paris and Rome chasing – and being chased by – a greedy art dealer, the FBI, and a radical group of aging monks. Along the way, Jules meets Thomas Palomar, a magazine writer who is interested in a set of mysterious “icons” that were stolen along with some weapons. Jules and Thomas soon uncover the horrible secret contained in the icons. They need to make the secret known to the world, but it could cost them their lives.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 5.00