What Happens in Texas

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What Happens in Texas

First off, I will admit I've never read any work by Carolyn Brown, so I didn't know what to expect. When I got into the story, I kept trying to figure out the genre. It's not a romance, not a mystery, certainly not literature. I settled on snarky women's fiction.

Turns out I don't care for backstabbing, rather bitter women. I'm sure there are those people out there who will relate to the characters in the book, but I never could and therefore found it hard to read.

The Blue-Ribbon Jalapeño Society is about a group of women who belong to a club of the same name in the small town of Cadillac, Texas. This club is exclusive and has a limited membership, so there are those wannabe's who vie for a spot. I guess the members are looked up to? Kind of reminds me of the popular kids in high school.

Anyway, the book chronicles some of the woman's day-to-day lives. The writing has humor and some of the characters are very colorful which is amusing. But the overall behavior all around is mostly poor. For example, Trixie is having an affair with her ex-husband in order to get back at his current fiancé. His bride to be is the same woman he was screwing when Trixie divorced him. Huh? I get that they have animal chemistry, but really?

There is a lot of snarkiness between most of the woman, which made it hard for me to like them. The zany situations portrayed is the saving grace of the book, but they are not enough to get a recommendation from me.

Book Blurb for What Happens in Texas

Carolyn Brown brings her unique voice to this tale of twin sisters finding love in a small Texas town

Cathy Andrew's biological clock has passed the ticking stage and is dangerously close to "blown plumb up". While her twin sister Marty thinks settling down with one man is just a waste of good cowboys, Cathy wants it all: the perfect husband, the baby, and a little house right there in Cadillac. But even as the town is laying bets on whose wedding will be next, Cathy doesn't see happily-ever-after happening anytime soon.

Fortunately, Cathy and Marty have best friends who aren't afraid to stir up a ruckus-and if it means Cathy's got to bust out and set the town on its ear they'll back her up-no matter how hot things get.

(Originally published as The Blue-Ribbon Jalapeno Society Jubilee.)

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 3.00