Conelius Latimer is a Tinkerer who's taken in by the beauty of Temperance Stevens. When she seems to return his affection and interest in inventions, he invites her into his workshop. After she steals a page of his blueprints, he has an excuse to call.

At Temperance's home, he's met by The Time Keeper, a man who rules England's underworld. He discovers he's been betrayed by both Temperance and his best friend. He's taken captive and forced to build an airship. While he hates the situation, he's excited to see his ideas take shape.

There are a few around him who are sympathetic to his plight and work to undermine the Time Keeper. After he builds the airship, he learns the Time Keeper has dastardly plans to paralyze him. One of the Time Keeper's minions, Bea, helps Cornelius escape. Soon they are both hunted by the Time Keeper and the police. They learn the Time Keeper has accused them of wanting to assassinate the queen.

How are they to overcome the obstacles that face them? Cornelius comes up with an inventive, yet dangerous solution...

Steaming was a joy to read. I enjoyed Cornelius's character and the plot and twists of the story. It's rich with imagination and well written. I liked it so much I've given it to my ten-year-old to read. Good job!

Book Blurb for Steaming

My name is Cornelius Latimer, and I have fallen in love. The object of my affection isn’t tall and blonde with all the right curves. It isn’t even human. My love belches smoke and breathes fire. My world runs on steam and hard metal, and I am a master of both. My Uncle, Rufus Harrison, has funded my expeditions. He’s gifted me with a lab containing all the parts and space I could possibly need. For weeks I have been toiling over my journals, crafting my biggest and best creation yet. It’s heady, this feeling of power. But I made a fatal error. I told a friend about my machine. And now someone who should not know, does. I should tear everything apart, but I can’t.

Love does strange things to people.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 4.50