Shot in the Dark

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Shot in the Dark

Luci is a barista at a bikini drive-through coffee stand who is struggling to work her way through acupuncture training, Devan is a hard-nosed detective who's been sidelined due to a leg injury. She's takes a holistic approach to life, but is scarred from a traumatic childhood, he's riddled by guilt and drinks to forgot his mistakes. They perfectly accent the other in Shot In The Dark, a great story by Jennifer Conner.

Both help the other grow, he's her protector while she gets him to care about life again. Ms. Conner's builds the relationship beautifully, while keeping the tension tight and the danger high. With great characterizations and growth arcs, Shot in the Dark is a thoroughly engaging read.

When Luci is robbed and nearly raped, minutes after Dev leaves her coffee shop, Dev feels he is to blame and comes to her rescue. Knowing the thief has taken off with Luci's purse and knows where she lives, Dev insists she stay with him. The pair, who had flirted for months, begin to really know each other.

Luci will not take more help without being able to repay him, and Dev, for her sake, agrees to her acupuncture treatments. Luci heals him physically while he works to track down the man who is out to hurt her.

Book Blurb for Shot in the Dark

Every night Detective Devan Burke drives through the Naughty Latte espresso bar. Bikini barista, Luci Lombart, gives him what he wants, coffee poured into a rich fantasy life. Her innocent smile reminds him of a time before he used a cane to walk. When her latte stand is robbed, the suspect escapes but takes her purse with her personal info with him. Devan fears he may come after Luci and complete the interrupted attack.

Luci is careful not to let anyone get too close, especially not the handsome detective in a violent profession. But Luci's drawn to Devan, a wounded soul with a big heart. Committed to always be self-reliant, to never be under anyone's control, Luci is determined to finish her medical degree with or without her barista job. With her holistic training, is she the one who can heal Devan inside and out?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 5.00