Short Circuits: A Life in Blogs

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Short Circuits: A Life in Blogs

Volume I

Short Circuits chronicles the musings of Dorien Grey through his blog posts. As a blogger myself (though a wildly inconsistent one), I was curious to see his work.

Dorien's two hundred or so blogs run the gamut from relationships to holidays to self analysis to napping. He is a fifty-or-sixty something, childless, gay man and his view of the world is, obviously, seen through that lens.

He is brutally honest about himself, warts and all. His blogs paint a portrait of a man who loves deeply, strives for magic (but not too hard), and is mostly content with who he is. At times he rants (don't ask him about his apartment) while other times he reminds us to take stock of our gifts.

On the whole, I felt I got to know him and his habits better than I know some of my friends. Whether this is a good thing is debatable.

The blog entries, one after the other, spanned well over a hundred-thousand words (think long novel). Imagine reading a friend's letter for ten hours. For my taste, I found a dose this big was far too much of a good thing.

While it may be entertaining to read an alternate or interesting point of view during a bit of downtime, reading the blogs straight through didn't work especially given the fact Dorien often repeated himself. I don't fault him for this, blogs aren't meant to be read contiguously. But reading the same opinion or hearing the same story told is a bit like having a relative overstay his welcome.

Overall, while I like Dorien Grey as a person and like his candid blogging style, I can't recommend reading his blogs straight through. They, like his favorite chocolate donuts, are best one at a time. However, I do admit to bookmarking his blog for future reading.

Book Blurb for Short Circuits: A Life in Blogs

Lambda-nominated author Dorien Grey (The Dick Hardesty Mysteries, The Elliott Smith Mysteries) knows more than just how to write a great murder novel. He's also had amazing life experiences in the military and around the world. Here, for the first time, are the collected blog and journal writings of this prolific author. As Grey notes, "Sometimes things are more clearly seen through the eyes of others." The hope is that the reader will see similarities to his/her own life, and recognize the commonality of the human condition.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 3.75