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Shereen Travels Cheap

I am a wannabe world traveler, and I perked up when I saw this book. I love to travel, but usually don't have the money. It's my goal to get in one overseas trip a year (rather than one every ten years, which is my current average). Having a little money set aside for my family's next adventure, I dove in this book with zeal.

As I read Shereen's tips it became clear that saving money is a bit like having a part-time job! My goodness the girl is diligent, and has tenaciousness I can only hope to emulate.

What saving money requires, it seems, is knowledge and a pit-bull's focus and keeping your eye focused on the goal—saving money.

While she rattled off the usual ideas, like checking travel sites, she gave more in depth knowledge like what days to check those sites. She had quite a few more resources than I've used in the past and a few little tricks I'd never thought of to get extra miles.

All in all, saving money is a lot of work. Since, being on websites checking and rechecking prices or doing price comparisons drives me bonkers, I'm not sure I'm cut out for it.

That said, I will try to take advantage of her advice and will definitely use some of her other tips on how to get bigger hotel rooms for the same price, doing research on things such as parking before I go to a foreign city, and—this might be a lifesaver—to take photos of passports and ID cards and post them securely online should my families get stolen!

Many of her moneysaving tips we already do, like taking public transportation rather than cabs to airports and other locals; self parking rather than valet, checking nearby airports to see if the price drop is enough to warrant getting to the desired locale a different way. We always take advantage of free food as well and bring along snacks and water.

Overall, Sereen Travels Cheap is a great guide for those who haven't already thought of such things. And her tip at the beginning to create a vacation fund was spot on. We've just started this and it's working! I also appreciate her advice to get to know the local customs before you go and to go with the flow when things go awry.

Knowledge is power and vacations are fun! This book is a double winner in my opinion.

Book Blurb for Shereen Travels Cheap

Are there places you want to go but never do because you think you can't afford the travel costs? Do you plan your vacations on a budget, but find that your budget doesn't get you very far from home? Shereen Travels Cheap was written for you!

This entertaining book will teach you how to plan the vacations you have always dreamed of taking, but for a lot less money than you ever thought you would spend. Using a combination of proven tips and techniques and the best the Internet has to offer, Shereen shows you how a little effort can reap big savings and allows you to do more on your trips!

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 4.00