Rules for the Care and Feeding of Tiffany

Tiffany, Everett-and-Joyce's beloved daughter is in a vegetative state after a bout with meningitis. When it becomes apparent she can read her parents thoughts and is feeding them back to them via their electronic devices, Everett and Tiffany are disturbed. After learning Tiffany will not recover, they must decide what to do.

Rules for the Care and Feeding of Tiffany was a well-written, truly creepy short story. I still feel the hairs on my neck standing on end a day after reading it.

I wished the story had been drawn out a bit more before the abrupt ending.

Book Blurb for Rules for the Care and Feeding of Tiffany

Everett and Joyce's only child is in a persistent vegetative state after contracting meningitis. When the aging couple begins to receive strange messages on their phones and computer, they are convinced their daughter is trying to contact them. The reality will make them face their own dark thoughts about their daughter and how they will ultimately deal with her condition. A short story from our experimental fiction line THE LAB.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 4.00