Past Continuous

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Past Continuous

Past Continuous is the second in a series, but it stands alone.

Ade Patience is a high school teen with special powers, like the ability to see people's futures when he touches them. Although he's in a great relationship with a girl who also has unique powers, he's drawn to act crazy with two other boys who are bent on creating chaos. He knows they are being stupid, but is incapable of stopping himself. After a few truly idiotic instances, he asks for help.

It turns out the past of another boy is influencing him and his presence within Ade's mind is growing stronger. Not wanting to stay on the dangerous path he's on, Ade decides to allow another gifted person to erase the other boy's past from his mind even though the repercussions could be disastrous. Things seem okay until he spots other versions of himself all over town. There are five extra copies of him, and it turns out the only way to save the world is to get rid of his other selves. After he does that, he must stop a villain bent on the world's destruction.

Meanwhile, Ade is driven to get back into his girlfriend's good graces, even though she has no idea who he is.

I've never been on a hallucinatory drug trip, but I imagine it might be similar to reading this book. Ade (and others) smash their heads into things in order to achieve their special powers. At one point Ade eats moldy, maggot filled cheese to get some different powers. Some characters use their unusual powers for good, while others for bad. All the characters come together in his girlfriend's dreams where a giant squid runs the show.

It's a mind-boggling ride. One where I could never quite get a foothold because I (and Ade) was never sure if any of it was really happening. While the author gets points for his imagination and some may enjoy the sheer craziness, I won't recommend this book to my own kids.

Book Blurb for Past Continuous

Ade Patience has done what he was told he couldn’t. He’s broken the rules, used his powers to save a life. And no good deed goes unpunished. . . .

Senior year finds Ade and his girlfriend, Vauxhall, deeply in love, indulging themselves with wild dates and exploring their newly strengthened abilities. Only Ade isn’t as happy as he should be. He’s got an itch that he can’t seem to scratch and it has everything to do with his joining the Pandora Crew, a group of radical oracles hell-bent on disturbing the peace, performing Jackass-style stunts, and spreading the mayhem.

When Ade realizes that his involvement with the Pandora Crew is due to his absorbing some of Jimi Ministry’s abusive childhood, he discovers that the only way to rid himself of the infectious memories is to erase his past. And it just so happens that the one guy who can do that lives a few blocks down the street.

The procedure works. The “Jimi cancer” is cleared out. But when Ade returns to his life, he finds that changing the past has changed the present. Vauxhall has no idea who he is and he has to woo her all over again. And it won’t be easy. There are three other people vying for Vauxhall’s attention. Three other guys he has to literally battle to win her back. The worst part: they’re all twisted versions of Ade.

Erasing the past has dramatically altered the present and Ade must join forces with his former rival to defeat . . . himself.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 3.25