My Cyber Valentine

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My Cyber Valentine

Chandler Carlisle has a boyfriend, but there are no sparks. She's ambiguous about the relationship until she meets Val Kinsey, an out-of-town coworker. The sparks that fly between her and Val convinces Chandler to break it off with her boyfriend.

On a later business trip, Val and Chandler go out. When they can't seem to find common ground, it appears the sparks meant nothing and she goes home disappointed.

Then Val suggests they chat online in the evenings to get to know one another. Figuring it can't hurt, Chandler agrees. Through chats, emails, and the occasional phone calls and business trips, the pair get to know each other. It turns out, they are compatible and begin falling for each other.

When one of Val's ex-girlfriends hacks into his email and sends Chandler an upsetting email, she questions their ability to pull off a long distance romance and calls things off.

Is a long distance relationship possible, and if not, have they progressed to the point where one might move to be with the other?

Ms. Knights does a great job of depicting Chandler's emotions in this romantic story. Chandler and Val are both likable and I rooted for them to get together. My only criticism is how slowly the story moved. There are few story threads outside of the romance so the tension and suspense are low.

Book Blurb for My Cyber Valentine

Chandler Carlisle is tired of men. When she almost falls asleep during her boyfriend’s attempt at seduction, she decides to give them up altogether. Then she meets Val Kinsey, who makes all her hormones sit up and take notice. In fact, he makes her so crazy she can’t even talk to him. Their first date is an awkward disaster. But then he goes away… and the fireworks really start. Because over the Internet, they can communicate. And when he comes back to visit, she hopes the sparks will pick up in real life where they left off online. 

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 4.00