Mother Gets a Lift

Angela Baker is a busy woman, especially since she's just given birth to her third child. When she is called into the police station to identify her mother's body, Angela's reluctant to leave her family.

First she doubts she could positively identify the woman who's addicted to plastic surgery. Secondly, her mother was a cantankerous person who Angela feels little love for. When she sees the woman who is supposed to be her mother, Angela can't say yes, but she can't say no either.

The problem has her wanting to do a little sleuthing on her own. After meeting her mother's latest husband, Angela is convinced he didn't kill her. And if he didn't, then who did? Or is she even dead?

The police want to close the file and be done, but Angela isn't going to let an innocent man be tried for murder.

Mother Gets a Lift is a hoot. I loved how the breastfeeding heroine has to do the right thing even if it does leave her almost-competant husband in charge of their newborn. I enjoyed the writer's voice I and look forward to more work from this author.

Book Blurb for Mother Gets a Lift

Angela Baker should be thrilled at having given birth to her third baby, but her mother always finds a way of spoiling the moment. This time Mom takes a cruise specializing in plastic surgery and ends up overboard, murdered and leaving Angela to identify the body. But is it Mom? Angela isn't certain but, then again...who would be? The woman has become unrecognizable as a result of too many little "procedures."

Pushed by a detective determined to close the book on the murder, Angela does her own investigating and turns up more than one mother as well as the knife-wielding doctor from hell.

A new short story from our Fingerprints line and the author of MURDER WITH ALL THE TRIMMINGS.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.25