Knight Blindness

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Knight Blindness

Knights in Time, #3

While fighting in the Battle of Poitiers, in France in 1356, Medieval English Knight, Stephen Palmer, is knocked off his horse when an enemy soldier strikes him across the face. Blinded by the blow and unable to fight back, Stephen prepares to die. Instead, he hears unfamiliar sounds and is taken someplace against his will.

After blacking out, he awakens later blinded and in tremendous pain. He assumes he is in the torture chamber of his enemy. Instead, he is in a modern day hospital 800 years into the future. Thus begins the time-travel journey of a celebrated warrior who's been blinded.

Luckily, Stephen has a friend in the modern world who has experienced the same mysterious time traveling dilemma. His friend takes the newly blinded and confused knight under his wing and employs Esme, a family friend, to both help Stephen with his blindness and to tutor him so he can function in the current time.

Esme believes Stephen has suffered a mental breakdown.

As they work together, they grow close. The more Esme learns, she begins to question when or not he is truly crazy. There is too much evidence that he is the man he claims to be. Even so, Esme is not sure she wants to build a life with a blind man.

For Stephen being blinded and thrown into the future are not his only problems. Unbeknownst to him, his enemy also crossed through the time portal. And his enemy believes the only way back to the past is through Stephen.

I really enjoyed Knight Blindness. I loved how the author researched the barriers newly blind people go through and incorporated them into the story. The time travel aspect kept the story fun, with Stephen's odd references and archaic points of view. It was also great to witness him emerging from his difficulties with his manliness in tact.

Job well done with this intriguing concept.

Book Blurb for Knight Blindness


Given a choice between the pleasant life you knew centuries ago or the possibility of all you want in an uncertain new world, which would you choose?

Two men torn through time find themselves in the modern but alien world.

Old enemies, one hunting the other,one discovering love, bothfighting private battles to survive.

Book 3 of The Knights in Time Series

Ready for battle, Medieval English knight, Stephen Palmer, charges into the French enemy’s cavalry line. Heeding a warning given months before, he hesitates as he comes face-to-face with the knight in the warning. Struck down in the year 1356, he finds himself landing in the year 2013.

Grievously wounded, he’s taken to a nearby hospital. Confused by the new world surrounding him, he attempts to convince the staff he’s from another time, only to find they think him mad.

Rescued by friends, who, to his surprise, have also come through time, he must find a way to function in this odd modern England. He is quickly enchanted by the kind Esme Crippen, the young woman hired to tutor him. She too is enchanted by him. Tempted to deepen the relationship, she hesitates thinking him adorable, but mad.

He must discover the means for getting her to believe the truth, all the while, unknown to him, he didn’t come forward in time alone. The enemy knight has also traveled to 2013.

French noble, Roger Marchand, doesn’t question why the English knight who charged him hesitated. That fraction of a pause gave him the advantage needed and he brought his sword down upon the Englishman’s helmet hard, unhorsing the knight. He moved to finish the Englishman off when the world changed in a rush of sensations as he is ripped through time.

Seeking a reason for the terrible event, he enters a nearby chapel. There, thinking God has chosen him for a quest to turn French defeat that day in 1356 to victory, he sets out to find the English knight. The man he is convinced holds the key to time. If he returns to the day of the battle, he can warn his king of mistakes that snatched victory from them.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 5.00