Frozen Death

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Frozen Death

When prison doctor, John Randall, sees an inmate freeze to death in sweltering heat, he's baffled and awaits the coroner's diagnosis. Before he can get a reasonable explanation, another inmate falls prey to the mysterious ailment and dies. There is no medical explanation.

Then John runs across an old newspaper and discovers similar deaths have occurred in the area. He goes to a library to do research. The librarian recommends he speak to Lena Windmaker regarding Native American legends.

He and Lena, a detective, discover that every twenty-five years a number of people inexplicably "freeze" to death. They interview Lena's uncle, a tribal elder who explains the land is cursed. What they learn, leads them on a quest for answers as they try to stop the curse before it kills again.

As a writer myself, I try to be sympathetic to the efforts of other writers. While I found the premise intriguing, the poor writing was distracting. There was far too much repetition among other typical writing mistakes.

John's character came across as weak, while Lena's character was strong. (For example, after a hike, he's winded and takes a nap while she goes back to the car for a flashlight.) It was hard to see what she saw in him.

As I said, the premise had promise, but overall it didn't translate. I wish I could say more to recommend it.

Book Blurb for Frozen Death

Something is causing people to freeze to death in Florida during ninety-degree weather. Ancient Indian lore holds the answer to these mysterious medical aberrations. A newly constructed Florida male prison sits on ancient hallowed grounds called Forbidden Hill. Soon after the prison opens, two male inmates freeze to death without exposure to frigid temperatures. John Randall, a widowed prison doctor, meets Lena Windmaker, a single, off-duty sheriff detective at a local library. Their initial plutonic relationship soon kindles into a more amorous one. They hide a personal secret that could bring them together or destroy them. They uncover articles in local, post-Civil war newspapers describing residence succumbing to Frozen Death. John and Lena race to discover a cause before it chooses other victims.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 2.50