Flirtini With Disaster

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Flirtini With Disaster

When Kat McCoy turns thirty-four, her friends give her a ticket to Date and Dash, an event where women and men meet for five minutes before rotating to the next potential person.

Kat doesn't appreciate the gift and doesn't intend to go until her friends convince her to. At the event, she's uncomfortable and drinks heavily. As she meets one man after another, her imagination runs wild with how their future would play out. (Her imagination plays out in real time and is written as if it were really happening.)

Every scenario ends in one disaster or another, and unable to bring herself to see any of them again, the evening is a bust.

Afterward she heads to her favorite haute to imbibe more. There she meets Carlos Marcano, a famous baseball player she'd long fantasized about. They hit it off. No horrible scenarios play through her mind and that scares her worse than her imagination and she flees.

When she replays the evening for her friends, and tells them how she'd vilified every man she met (other than Carlos), she realizes she might be the problem. Her friends cheer at her insight.

Can Kat come to grips with the events in her past and be available if Mr. Right (or Carlos) comes along?

Flirtini with Disaster was surprisingly entertaining given the premise. Kat, drunk and swearing, met one man after another, found things wrong with them (imaginary or not), then discarded them. I had a hard time relating to her although her vivid imagination was something to behold.

I was pleasantly surprised when the story turned reflective and Kat and friends decided to figure out why she was so surly toward the opposite sex.

This playful story reminded me of a variety show. Each meeting Kat had during the Date and Dash was an encapsulated mini-story meant to delight the reader with Kat's imagination and the author's wit.

Book Blurb for Flirtini With Disaster

Have you ever met, married, and buried someone all in the span of five minutes? You have if you’re Kat McCoy whose dating philosophy is “imagine the worst, and then expect something even worse than that.” Flirtini with Disaster follows this skeptical speed dater as she is thrust into the company of twenty eligible bachelors via the “Date and Dash.”

Once the party gets started, and Kat's overactive imagination takes over, it is one outrageous adventure after another. The night sends Kat on an involuntary journey of self-discovery that leads her to question both her sex appeal and sexuality, face the painful past that catapulted into celibacy in the first place, and admit that she’s the Dr. Frankenstein of flirting who turns every man into a monster in her mind. Come along on this wild romp through the dating world. 

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 4.00