Dumpster Dying

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Dumpster Dying

Golf in rural Florida is hazardous -- gators on the fairway and bodies in the trash

Emily Rhodes is newly widowed and distraught over the fact that her long-term live-in boyfriend never took the time to update his will. His home, their home, will be going to his ex-wife. Not only that, Emily needs to get a job pronto.

She is getting on her feet working at bar when she discovers the dead body of patron in the dumpster.

Panicked, Emily, she tries to inform the police only to become their prime suspect. As Emily works to clear her name, the evidence points in the direction of her friend and boss. As Emily gets closer to the truth, her life and the life of her grown daughter become in danger.

Can she and the police unravel the mystery in time?

Dumpster Dying was a fun whodunit that I thoroughly enjoyed. The characters were colorful and the situation unusual. The author sure works to put Emily in dire straits! Good job. A fun and satisfying read.

Book Blurb for Dumpster Dying

Emily Rhodes came to rural Florida for the cowboys, the cattle, and to do a little country two-step, not to fall head first onto a dead body in a dumpster. Ah, the golden years of retirement in the sunshine state. They’re more like pot metal to Emily Rhodes, who discovers the body of the county’s wealthiest rancher in the Big Lake Country Club dumpster. With her close friend accused of the murder, Emily sets aside her grief at her life partner’s death to find the real killer.

She underestimates the obstacles rural Florida can set up for a winter visitor and runs afoul of a local judge with his own version of justice, hires a lawyer who works out of a retirement home, and flees wild fires -- hand-in-hand with the man she believes to be the killer.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 4.50