Demons Like It Hot

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Demons Like It Hot

Demons Unleashed, #2

Serah SanGermano is a caterer with a few demon problems. It's nothing she can't handle so, why, to her great annoyance, is Matthias Ambrose sent to protect her. She can't think when the hunky demon is near, and that isn't helping her catering business. Worse, he and her friends insist she's a pureblood and that she needs to accept that annoying fact if she is going to fulfill her potential and save the world. Sarah is keen on denial, but damn what is the draw to Matthias all about anyway?

When she is granted some memories she never knew she lost, she realizes that years earlier Matthias had kidnapped her and handed her over to the bad guys. So how is she supposed to trust him now?

With a massacre looming, she forgives him, but the bigger hurtle is whether Matthias can forgive himself.

After reading Demons Prefer Blondes, I was excited to receive Demons Like It Hot. I'm sorry to say I was disappointed. Matthias has major self-esteem issues and deems himself unworthy while Sarah is determined to carry on with her normal life and dismiss all the disruptive pureblood hocus-pocus.

Two-thirds of the book passed before I learned why Sarah was in danger. Prior to that it was a series of scenes where Sarah and Matthias fought because she'd didn't want him there and didn't want to accept her fate. He, too, felt he was a poor choice, but was following orders. At least they were terribly attracted to one another. But without knowing the rest of the plot, the story and characters felt flat.

The story picks up when we learn Matthias' nemesis is planning to massacre a bunch of demons and Sarah. They fight back, but even that was anticlimactic. Overall, I felt Demons Like It Hot plodded slowly through a plot that could have been stronger.

Book Blurb for Demons Like It Hot

Serah SanGermano runs a successful catering company in a Midwestern town. After she inadvertently helped her friend unleash a legion of demons, she's been trying to hide her own newly discovered powers. Matthias Ambrose, a mysterious demon mercenary sent to protect her, has his own secret- one that will embroil them both in the scandal from hell.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 3.00