Comedy of Terrors

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Comedy of Terrors

School teacher, Rose Hill, feels lucky when she gets student teacher, Figgie Pudding. Rose figures she'll kick back and relax.

Not so fast. Figgie is meek, doesn't have the material down, and is being overrun by the class. Add to the mix people are dying all around them, and it looks like Rose has luck alright, bad luck.

But Rose has a history of attracting serial killers, so she's kind of used to it. Still, it's uncomfortable to know all the dead people and to have been the last person seen with them. Will the killer be stopped before Rose becomes the target?

I loved this novella-length mystery. The author's humor is perfect and Rose is thoroughly likable. Ms. Darzin kept the pace up and had good tension throughout while the bungling Figgie was fun to be around.

My only reservation, I knew who the killer was too early, and it was frustrating when Rose and the detective couldn't see it.

Book Blurb for Comedy of Terrors

Rose Hill's life is about to change when she is forced to take on a student teacher who is terrified of her own shadow.  It's not helping that a serial killer is on the loose, either.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 4.25