Candy Wars

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Candy Wars

The Tooth Fairies vs The Candy King

When James awakens in the middle of the night and catches a glob of goo stealing his tooth-the tooth he'd set out for the tooth fairy-he chases it. The commotion awakens his sister who watches him disappear before her eyes. When she alerts her parents, they have no memory that her brother existed.

The following day day, Emily discovers the teachers have no memory of James either, but the children do. While eating lunch, she loses a tooth. She lies awake in bed worrying about her brother and when she spots a tooth fairy, she follows it to the other world.

Hoping to find her brother, she employs the help of a phoenix. Together they visit the fairy kingdom. While there, she learns the Candy King is preparing to attack, and worse, he has a human helping him. She knows it must be James, but can't believe he'd attack tooth fairies.

While James questions the whole kill-the-fairies idea, he's having fun making war plans. The Candy King is so impressed with his ideas that he makes James a general. Then James discovers his sister is on the fairies' side. The Candy King convinces him she doesn't care about him and that's enough for James.

Will James actually kill tooth fairies and fight against his sister? Do the tooth fairies have a chance against the evil Candy King and his hoards of minions?

What I loved about Candy Wars was the author's imagination. I was drawn into the story from the first jelly monster. The plot ties up nicely with a positive message at the end. Candy Wars: The Tooth Fairies vs. The Candy King is something I'll let my kids read.

Book Blurb for Candy Wars

You may not like your sister, but are you really going to fight a war against her?

James and Emily never get on - always fighting and arguing! But when James wakes up one night as his tooth is stolen by a jelly monster he follows it into a weird and wonderful world. Chocolate archers come out of the walls and fly in bubble gum balloons, giant rock candy trolls roam around, icing sugar snowmen appear and disappear, all under the direction of the Candy King who is preparing a war against the tooth fairies! Soon Emily and their cat Muffins find themselves joining the fairies, with only a toothless dragon and a phoenix with hay fever to help them fight the mighty Candy Army!

“The Candy King is waiting for you.”

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 4.00