Bug Island

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Bug Island

When a cruise ship hits an underwater mine and explodes near an island that appeared from no where off the coast of South America, a handful of survivors scurry about on the beach looking for loved ones and other living people.

They have some luck finding one another and supplies, but their luck runs out when hungry, gigantic bugs appear. Some people are eaten right away, while others are more resourceful (and lucky).

Without weapons and shelter, the humans stand little chance. Will they do what humans have done since the age of the caveman and outsmart the insects or is their enemy to harsh. Perhaps some other fate will intercede.

Bug Island was interesting, especially if you like bugs. Unfortunately, I didn't get to know any of the characters well enough to actually care about them. Some of the survivors were unlikeable and I found myself rooting for the bugs.

The story is very intense and there is plenty of death and destruction to keep it rife with tension. It held my interest wondering just how these humans would handle the situation.

Book Blurb for Bug Island

They destroyed the mighty Mayan Empire. What hope for a few shipwrecked survivors?

A South American cruise. It should have been a once in a lifetime experience. And it was. But not in the way they imagined. Barely surviving a horrific shipwreck, the remaining passengers have to try and cope with finding food, water, shelter, let alone the constant arguments.

And then there are the bugs. Not the sort that you squish and then get on with your day. Oh no. Toe biters, pond skaters, assassin bugs and harvestmen that drop down on top of their victims – all of these could be found in your garden. But on this lost island they are all at least twenty times their normal size. Trapped on an island with a six metre long giant centipede with armoured plates was not on the cruise itinerary. Now all they want is to get off – without being squished!

“Anyone pack the bug spray?”

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 4.00