Body and Soul

While I liked the Freaky Friday concept, this was an uncomfortable story to read. The husband is constantly tempted by his much younger employee.

When stay-at-home mother, Lisa O'Conner, is granted a wish in a fortune cookie, she jokingly asks to trade places with young, beautiful college student, Tory Beecham. To her shock, the pair switch places and Lisa finds herself living in Tory's body while Tory has taken over her body.

Lisa has gone from middle-aged frump to having a head-turning body and a gorgeous boyfriend. It's fun until she realizes she's estranged from her husband, whom she'd grown to resent, and her kids.

Luckily, she discovers Tory has been hired at her husband's law firm. This allows Lisa (in Tory's body) to monitor her troubled family. While working there, she sees a new side to her husband and falls in love with him all over again. Of course, if he reciprocates he'd be cheating on his wife, or rather her.

Meanwhile, poor Tory has no idea what's happened and thinks she is going crazy. She simply appeared in a different body and has demanding children and a husband she has never met and isn't attracted to. She spends her days crying and trying to make the best of things.

Lisa (or rather Tory) steps into help and begins tutoring her own children. Lisa's husband is amazed at the rapport his young employee has with his kids while he's disturbed by the negative changes in his wife.

Lisa, seeing her marriage crumbling, grows desperate to return to her old self. Based on cryptic information she got from the restaurant where she'd purchased the fortune cookie, she believes their bodies will switch back at a certain point. When they don't, Lisa is forced to deal with her new situation.

Will Lisa get back to her old self before her marriage and children are lost to her forever?

I felt that Lisa didn't do much to preserve Tory's life for their eventual switch back as she broke up with Tory's boyfriend almost immediately. At least Tory, who was completely in the dark, tried to keep the marriage in tact.

In the end Lisa and her husband learn to appreciate each other more, and Lisa grows from the experience. Tory ends up benefitting too, so all is well that ends well, but I was left with mixed emotions.

Book Blurb for Body and Soul

Be careful what you wish for…

Stressed-out wife and mother Lisa O’Conner wants:

a. The carefree life of the young college girl who works in her husband’s law office

b. That same girl’s flawless face and head-turning body

c. A little “me” time

d. All of the above

All it takes is a fortune cookie and a simple wish to grant Lisa her heart’s desire. Switching bodies with the beautiful, vibrant, and young Tory Beecham, Lisa assumes the situation is only temporary, so she sets out to enjoy her break from reality while she can. Soon she’s dodging the advances of one gorgeous young man after another…and falling in love with her husband all over again. But is it her soul Michael’s drawn to, or Tory’s youth and beauty?

This book was previously published by Dorchester Love Spell in September 1999.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 3.50