American Curls

The Mystery World of Nancy Springer

Cindy volunteers at a cat shelter. When she finds the owner unconscious (she'd sustained a blow to the head) and discovers the cats have been let out, she calls for help and goes searching for the cats who've ventured into the cold.

The owner lives only to be murdered in the hospital. Cindy becomes the prime suspect and must do her own sleuthing to solve the crime.

American Curls took fifteen minutes to read, as such, the characters were barely developed, and there was only one real suspect. I couldn't believe Cindy left her friend lying on the floor to go in search of the lost kittens instead of staying with her until help arrived.

The writing was flat, and, overall, I'm sorry to say, American Curls was an unsatisfying story.

Book Blurb for American Curls

When Cindy stops by the local cat shelter where she volunteers, she discovers her coworker Samantha unconscious on the floor. Even more horrifying, to Cindy, is that a mother cat and her kittens have mysteriously disappeared out into the snow. While Cindy leaves the attack to the police to investigate while she seeks out the missing cats, a second assault finishes Samantha off. Soon, Cindy's mixed up in a litter of death, missing cats and the police casting an eye in her direction as a possible suspect. Can Cindy find the missing cats and help pinpoint the murderer, or is she going to end up a victim of her own cat-astrophe? A short story.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 3.00