Heavenly Pleasure

Heavenly Pleasure by V. Mark Covington was one of the most unusual books I have ever read. I’m not sure what I was expecting when I read the Synopsis but it definitely was a not a retelling of the Biblical Book of Revelations. I’m sorry to say that I found this book offensive. Being a Southern Baptist, I fit right in with all the other hypocrites but even I was put off with the use of the name Jesus for the “toys” in the adult book store. Several times I put the book down thinking maybe it would get better. For me, it did not. The writing was well done, but the subject matter was not to my liking.

There are many of the world who would enjoy this book but it was not to my liking.

Book Blurb for Heavenly Pleasure

Strange things are happening on Perilous Parkwood Avenue, where the inhabitants include Kali Sen, exotic dancer and potential savior of humanity, Eve Savage, quantum-physicist and inventor.Ted and Eric run Heavenly Pleasure, a little Christian adult bookstore that will be the next battleground in the eternal war between good and evil. And just who is the Ice Cream man, peddling such weird flavors as Wicca Wild Berry, Holy Mary Cherry and Zen Zinger that do a lot more than satisfy your sweet tooth? Then there's Angel, a new arrival to the community, who has been sent to make sure things happen according to the grand design, but all she's been told is “she’ll know it when she sees it”. This time the forces of dark and light are facing off over the next jump in human evolution, universal bliss and the end of terrorism, road rage and fighting over the remote control.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 2.00