Carried Away

Carried Away by Cerise DeLand was an intriguing book filled with hot scenes and a plot that was extremely well written.
Grant Warwick and Coco Dalton spent four months together then she vanished one morning. Grant was devastated then angry. When Coco recommends Grant for a job and they meet again he is furious and still drawn to Coco. Once Coco explains why she disappeared Grant is mollified.
Grant and Coco rediscover each other and all that they had before and it grows even more passionate. Grant and Coco work together to discover who the key players are of an international extremist group.
I loved Ms. DeLand’s writing of the love scenes. They were tastefully done and yet extremely HOT. I enjoy mysteries and when they are coupled with hot sex it’s a Sunday afternoon delight!!!

Book Blurb for Carried Away

Grant Warwick has never scoured luscious, funny Coco Dalton from his brain. She was heaven to hold, hot as hell in bed—and for four scintillating months, totally his. So why she left him one morning without the courtesy of a call is one damn big mystery he’s never solved.

When she reappears one day in Venice, he’s stunned she wants to apologize. Heartbroken she had to desert him years ago, Coco asks his help to find a terrorist who’s tracking her. Resisting her isn’t possible—Grant sweeps her up into his arms and savors her sweet body with kisses so torrid and lovemaking so mind-bending, she’ll never again want to leave him.

But Grant must also find time to track down the terrorist, before Coco is taken from him forever.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.00