Royal Guard

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Royal Guard

The Not So Little Merman Book 2

I had no idea what I was getting into with this book, but I liked it. "Royal Guard" was pretty short and just ends, but it had an interesting storyline. You get two romances. While I enjoyed the story I felt I could have read only one without the other and still felt I knew the whole story. Bastien is only on the island to help his commander and prince find his one true mate, along the way he finds his own. Bethany is there to support her sister. Everything in the story happens in less than 24 hours and a lot happens in that time. A majority of the story was their lovemaking. I feel a fuller book would have been better with so much going on. I also feel the “villain” wasn’t exactly explained. You don’t even know there is a villain until the last fifteen pages. It felt very just thrown together and could have been a longer story. Something longer would have helped the reader know the characters more and connect better. More backstory is needed to really flesh this out.

Book Blurb for Royal Guard

Bastian Crustacea is a mershifter and an officer in the royal guard on a mission to help his best friend find and rescue his mate. So when Bastian finds his own mate it’s completely unexpected. Bastian is ecstatic but afraid of how she’ll react to his secret so he tries to play it cool. When Bethany’s life is in danger can he convince her that not everything is as it seems?

Bethany Johnston is a twenty-six year old virgin. She throws caution to the wind and really puts herself out there, giving Bastian a big green light—only for them to get interrupted and violently torn apart. When he comes swimming back can she accept his tall tale?

Be Warned: bondage

Night Owl Reviews May, 2018 3.50