Her Gentleman Dom

Getting Serviced Book 2

This book was definitely different. There were the fifty shades references and a whole lot more of understanding what a doms life is like than with fifty shades. If this is what it’s really like fifty was very vanilla.

Lilli is a very independent woman or at least that’s what she keeps telling everyone, even sexy architect Finn who just flew across the pond to work with her. The words he says are very authentic and I appreciate the author taking the time to make it feel genuine instead of giving him an American speech but throw love in there a time or two and ask for a cup of tea. The relationship between the two is rocky at first since Finn wants to dominate Lilli and she keeps saying she’s not that kind of girl. But a little faith and experimentation and who knew she was a born sub. Except when she likes to bend the rules and get a delicious punishment.

Book Blurb for Her Gentleman Dom

Would you kneel before a dominant man?

Lilli is thrown together with a wickedly sexy British architect on a San Francisco building project, but her paralyzing attraction to the man could ruin her career. An experienced Dom, Finn never initiates unsuspecting, young women into his dungeon, but hints of her sexual subservience along with her can-do spirit are irresistible. After a night of passion, Lilli discovers his true nature and runs, only to return later and offer her submission, but Finn doubts she'll have the moxie to survive his training. It's up to Lilli to prove she can flourish under his loving bondage.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2018 3.50