Wedding at Rocking S Ranch

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Wedding at Rocking S Ranch

Oak Grove

Cassandra Stewart visits her husband’s beloved ranch as a promise she made him on his deathbed. There, she meets his best friend, Raymond Wolf. Together, they begin to get past their shared grief and discover their mutual love for Cassandra’s husband might be turning to something more.

I have never read anything by Kathryn Albright before but I found I quite liked "Wedding at Rocking S Ranch". The prologue immediately pulled me in and I found it to be an easy read from the beginning to end. I was intrigued by Wolf from the first sentence and enjoyed reading about him throughout.

Most of the historical romances I read are set in England and include lots of house parties and balls. Sometimes, as in this book, I enjoy getting out of that setting and reading about people that are trying to carve out a living for themselves in a time and place a lot more wild than ballrooms. I really liked the Old West, cattle ranch setting of this book.

I had no trouble getting through this book at all. Enough happened in each chapter to keep me interested and keep the story flowing right along. There wasn’t really one major conflict that got wrapped up in the thing but rather a few smaller conflicts, some of which were settled before the end.

I like both Cassandra and Wolf, although I liked Wolf more and wish we had gotten more of his POV. Both characters were very stubborn at times and I sometimes wanted to strangle them because of that. But, to me, this makes them both more human.

I enjoyed this title so much I requested another from my library the same day I finished reading it.

Book Blurb for Wedding at Rocking S Ranch

Can a widow in the Wild West…

…find wedded bliss again?

When Cassandra Stewart fulfills her husband’s dying wish by visiting the ranch he loved, she plans to sell it. But then she meets his best friend. As aloof, ruggedly handsome Wolf shows Cassandra the value of life in the prairies, tenderness begins to grow from their shared pain into something more… Maybe there’s a future for her at the Rocking S Ranch after all…

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2018 4.00